I am Raquel dancer and actress who yesterday had the great opportunity to sign up for Role Model Management.
Unbeatable experience, relaxed atmosphere, friendly and super close!
As a dancer and actress I use the body as the main tool, in order to create. It is the basis of everything that I expressed and communicated, as I believe that all begins within oneself. Intensity, sense of humor and fragility are the key words that describe best the search for new qualities, forms and languages.
I have chosen to use the abstract language of movement, being aware that the viewer receives that expression freely. While some believe that movement is an obstacle and lacks “significance”, I see it, on the contrary, as a major liberator of feelings that facilitates their interpretation.
My work is dedicated to the mystery of little things, to question the comfort of all that surrounds and separates us, in order to bridge the gap and bring us closer together.