collaborators: julia malinowska

Ever since I remember I loved to discover unknown places and meet people. I was always addicted to being in the movement, in the search of something new, something different, oriental and exotic, to listen to interesting stories that would inspire me in my art. Not only I tried to know more and understand a different culture, but also, I needed to live it, experience it. I made photos of people I met, gestures they made, hidden glances that I could find and things that inspired or surprised me. I took photos of moments that I didn’t want to forget, places where I would love to come back, the atmosphere that I experienced, the silence after spoken words and mysterious fuss, the stagnancy after the gesture, the still landscape where just few seconds before something had happened.

My photography is a kaleidoscope of places, people, feelings, details and daily routines. As I mix photographic styles and also work as a documentary photographer with long term projects connected with human righties and positive social changes, the powerful visual language and storytelling have to be complex to impact the viewers but also gentle and attractive to generate a reaction.

In lifestyle and fashion photography I play with colours and contrast, every time I create the whole atmosphere of an unreal story.

I search for the inspiration in everyday life, literature, art, and stories heard somewhere on the way.

There are so many great artists that taught me the sensibility and creative thinking, like Annie Leibowitz, Cindy Sherman, Richard Avedon, Martin Parr and Alec Soth.

Meeting Natalia from Role Model Management who connected me with not average people and allowed me to participate in their world, create and tell their stories with strong human quality was very important for my professional career.

Role Models Arià, Sayaka, Friedrich, Nicole and Maira by Julia.