early morning sessions: anne

This series of pictures of Anne was shot early one morning on the jetty off the beach at Barcelona. We met at 7:30, so good show Anne!!!
This is maybe the third time I go down there before the day really starts, just me and a model, to see what the morning light gives.
In this case, it was very overcast, which was great, but there was some rain around, so we spent a little time before talking while we sheltered.

Recently I’ve been getting really close to my subjects, trying to break down as much as possible any personal space. I don’t believe necessarily in an obligation to ‘put the subject at ease’, and this is a way of testing that. In this case I think it worked well, I like the close-up images.

Anne is into fitness – she even develops fitness products – so is in great shape and moves in a powerful but elegant way. She’s also great at taking directions and offering some interesting emotions herself.
The soft light works well with her complexion and hair, so all-in-all it was a fun shoot and the results are really nice!!!