amy odell

I began to channel my creativity through music.

In my early 20’s, experimenting with various musicians and collaborations along the way, I felt there was a solo album inside of me which needed to come out. ‘Sirens’ was released during the winter of 2016. A single ‘Put That Gun Down’ followed shortly after. My second album is due for release at the end of this year.

Music to me is love, pain, joy, nature. It’s wild and when derived from a pure place it is the most powerful medium.

I am also in a band called ‘Guru’ and currently collaborating on an exciting project with the lead guitarist.

I am influenced by everything: the stars at night, a stranger, a building… could be anything. I admire people who are vulnerable enough to expose themselves fully to experiences.

Leonard Cohen, Velvet Underground, early Verve and the Doors were prob some of my first musical influences. I listen to everything from CSN, Skip James, and Gainsbourg to Boards of Canada. I love the tone of Johnny Cash and I consider Radio Head musical geniuses.

I decided to move to Barcelona after exhibiting my art here in December 2016 as something was calling me to have a new experience.

Stumbling across Role Model Management Agency was auspicious as it has the perfect philosophy. Natalia understands that beauty/charisma shows itself in many forms. There’s a human quality to the Agency which I find very cool, a tapestry of so much talent which I am happy to be part of.

Who knows what the future will bring. Right now, I am just on the journey… music has changed my life forever and I hope I can change a few lives along the way.